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Politics as usual – ugh

October 25, 2010


As real estate sales spiral to new lows – we have the election season in full swing. Everybody is right and everybody else is wrong. 

But I hope our newly elected officials wake up and realize that AS THE HOUSING MARKET GOES – SO GOES THE ECONOMY. It’s not just about job stimulus – it IS about fixing housing and it won’t happen overnight. 

Banks needs to reward GOOD borrowers with better rates in an upside down market. Banks need to AGREE to short sales where they will actually MAKE MORE MONEY than going through the lengthy foreclosure process. Someone needs to start thinking about solutions instead of highlighting the problems that seem unsolvable.  

May sanity reign and may we change the course of this country for the good. 

Read the following New York Times article:


How can you Mend a Broken Real Estate Heart?

November 9, 2009

I haven’t written on my blog in some time and it is not because I lack anything to say – it’s because I have too much to say and it’s not positive. I keep trying to think of what’s good about my real estate career right now and the one thing that sustains me is the fact that I’m trying, against surmounting odds, to help people navigate this real estate morass.

On any given day, I can guarantee that I will break someone’s heart. Why? Because I am going to have to tell them the truth and the truth is that the home they bought for an investment and to provide a place of refuge for their family has now become their biggest and saddest liability. They bought into the dream of home ownership but didn’t buy into market manipulations that have destroyed a large part of their future.

I find it intriguing that so many want to blame the consumer – but the consumer believed  in a system that was a based on greed fostered by the banking institutions who NOW profit from the consumer’s misfortune.

How will our country repair itself? How will people regain good credit? How will lives be restored and how will hard working Americans ever believe, really believe, that they can trust the banks with their dreams?

I don’t have the answers. Like you, I have a LOT of questions and I don’t trust anyone in the banking industry, Wall Street or the federal government to be honest.

I believe in the future – I believe in America – I believe in the good and honestly hard-working Americans and I hope we find a way home.  I believe that someday, good will prevail. That’s why I sell real estate.