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Not everything or every business person is created equal

May 18, 2010

Not everyone or everything is created equal and not ALL REALTORS are created equal. That’s what makes my job so interesting. I would highly recommend that you interview your agents prior to hiring them and speak to more than one. A personal referral is also of extreme importance.

As a side note there are some items of personal business etiquette that I would consider basic common courtesy:

1. Unlike social settings – in business we are all equal. When someone is introduced, enters the room or offers a handshake – you should stand (that goes for WOMAN especially). You want to be taken seriously? You should act accordingly.

2. The first person to the door opens it in business settings.

3. Always make introductions. If you forget a name – simply admit it and apologize.

4. Introduce people based on rank – the client is ALWAYS the most important person.

5. ALWAYS and I mean always refer to someone by Mr. or Mrs. unless they give you permission to call them by their first name regardless of their age.

6. First impressions count. Offer a FIRM handshake but not the death grip.

7. Hugs and kisses in a business setting are inappropriate.

8. When attending a business event always put your nametag on your right shoulder. It’s easier for people to read.

9. Always ask the person in charge of meeting where to sit – they often have seating assignments in mind.

10. Do NOT put your briefcase, purse or any object on a conference room table.  This includes your car keys.


12. A hand-written thank you note speaks volumes. SEND ONE after you meet people or share a conversation – it will go a long way in getting you referrals.

13. Return voice-mail, email and phone calls within 24 hours but really 30 minutes if you want to be taken seriously. If you are going to be unavailable, record a custom message so people will clearly understand when they can expect to hear from you.

If you follow these simple rules (and you may think of more) it will go a long way toward letting clients and business associates know that you mean business.


Where is Real Estate Going?

March 25, 2008


What is going on in real estate in Orlando? I must get asked this question about a hundred times per day. I’m beginning to think I need to whip on my swami turban and cart around my “8” ball and start coming up with some snappy retorts. Where is it going? Well I think it’s going UP! Lord knows…we have been down long enough and it can’t go any lower. Good people are walking away from their homes and facing foreclosure, bad people are walking away from their homes and facing foreclosure, smart people are walking away from their homes and facing foreclosure…it’s an epidemic. Good news is that for most epidemics, there is a cure. It’s just sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease. Will we see many more months of price declines, will we see more foreclosures, and will we see more rentals? What will we see? I wish I knew. But this I do know…it WILL rebound. The market will turn. Real estate is a life force and you can not stop it. Everyone STILL wants to own a home. Many people are returning to the thought process that it’s actually a HOME and not JUST an investment. Everything points to the good. The paper (and this is totally shocking) actually reported some positive news about real estate and the fact that it looks like the bottom has hit. Heck, even Donald Trump is buying, buying and buying real estate. Why not? It’s a great time to buy. What is going on in real estate? It’s all a gamble but it has ALWAYS been a gamble. But one thing I know. It’s worth owning a home and it’s still the greatest job on the planet. I love real estate!


Buyer’s Market?

March 17, 2008


ARE THESE THE DOGS DAYS OF REAL ESTATE? On the contrary, it’s A GREAT TIME to buy a home. Why…because buyers hold a lot of power right now and if used properly today’s buyer can become very successful at buying a home at the most opportune time in over a decade. Like it or not, buyers have a big advantage in this market because sellers are now more willing to negotiate. There are also more homes for sale on the market and the lenders are begging for qualified buyers. Buyers rule the world. However, buyers need to be careful. Why? Because things are getting a little ugly in the real estate industry and EVERY BUYER seems to think that all Sellers are DESPERATE for an offer, any offer. I have lost track of how many transactions have not only come in $5,000 under listing price but sometimes almost $500,000 under list price. Buyers need to understand that not EVERY SALE IS A SHORT SALE and not every SELLER is in panic mode. But what you do have…Sellers willing to make some good “deals” out there and you are missing the action. Why are buyers hesitant? I have no idea. I do know this…if buyers wait around for the PERFECT time to buy a home they will miss their chance. He who hesitates… So think about it, go out and look. Find a good REALTOR and get an offer in on the home of your dreams. It’s still a good buy, but even better, it’s good to come home each and every night to your “OWN” place and have a little slice of heaven here on earth.


It’s About Time

January 21, 2008

The National Association of Realtors has FINALLY decided to come out and combat the negative publicity about the media’s coverage of the housing market. I feel that for too long the media has distorted the news about housing and no one has really tried to fight the press. People believe what they read and it is wrong!

According to an article written by Blanche Evans with Realty Times, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has a new website that is designed to provide valuable information to the buyers and sellers of real estate. I can only hope that the general public will learn of this campaign to educate the mis-informed public through this webiste. I commend NAR for stepping up and making a strong statement in behalf of the housing industry.

The website can be found at

Good news, indeed!


Till Death Do Us Part… Divorce & Mortgages

December 3, 2007


One of the newest changes to the fluctuating mortgage market that may trip up unwary homebuyers is the difficulty in removing a divorced partner from a mortgage loan. In times past, if one spouse chose to remain in the home and assume the mortgage payments, their partner would refinance their debt, effectively placing the mortgage solely in the hands of the resident spouse. But since it is more difficult for people to obtain loans under today’s guidelines, and homes may not appraise at former high values, divorced parties may have to think this option through. Accordingly, debtors beware…a Quit Claim Deed will not release you from the obligation to repay your mortgage loan and the debt remains a part of your credit record. Getting a new loan will be problematic. With today’s current loan and market conditions…it may be “till death do you part” when it comes time to mortgage debt.


You Don’t Need A Crystal Ball

November 5, 2007


In a recent article, Phoebe Chongchua notes the decline in print advertising for home sellers in 2007. This is not a passing fad and is truly a forecast of things to come in the real estate industry. Why has the newspaper market dried up? For a number of reasons.

Firstly, the newspaper industry has an agenda beyond selling homes. Sometimes rightly and often wrongly, newspaper coverage about the real estate market and real estate agents is often negative. Why should real estate agents support an industry which does very little to promote the positives of the market and the players in the market, both nationally and locally? More on that to follow.

Secondly, real estate agents realize that most people begin their search for a home on the internet. More than 80% of prospective buyers start searching on the web. It has cut out the newspaper as the lead source of news for real estate and rightfully so…at least they get the facts on line. You don’t need a crystal ball to see where this is going. Print real estate ads as a useful tool for selling homes will disappear within the next five years. The internet will reign supreme.


Most Expensive ZIP Codes

October 8, 2007


In case you missed it last week, Forbes published their list of the 500 most expensive zip codes in the U.S. for 2007. 07620 (Alpine, New Jersey) and 33109 (Fisher Island, Miami Beach, Florida) tied for the top spot, with a median price of $3.4 Million. The rankings are based on median sale prices from June 2006 to July 2007 and are dominated by zips in California, Florida, and the NYC metro area. If the rankings surprise you, it is worth noting that, as with all such studies, the methodology determines the results. As the author notes:

Though often shorthand for neighborhoods, ZIPs don’t change to reflect shifting neighborhood or demographic boundaries. The result? Our list is a bit slanted toward low-density enclaves like Alpine, where there are 333 people per square mile, as opposed to parts of Manhattan, where there are 45,800 people per square mile and a larger variance of home prices.

In a world of lies, damned lies and statistics, it is nice to see a bit of explanation instead of spin.