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Show me the money…

May 15, 2011

If you have been reading my blogs then you would know this headline may be a bit misleading. It’s NOT really all about the money.

But when it does comes to money – people need to be smart. When I refer to people…I mean Sellers.

There used to be a thought process in selling real estate that the three things that mattered were PRICE, LOCATION and CONDITION. While it still remains true to some degree. I would argue that in our current market the ONLY thing that matters is PRICE.

The homes selling in the Central Florida area are priced right and priced to sell. That means short sales as well as non-distressed properties. In this market, your home has to be priced to compete. Sellers should understand why their home isn’t sold – it is most certainly going to come down to price. I have seen homes in the worst of condition that sell because they are priced to attract buyers. It is our job, as real estate sales educators to advise our clients accordingly. PRICE = SOLD.

Show them the money.


Is the grass greener?

February 5, 2009

Survey Finds Grass Is Greener on the Other Side

The results of a survey exploring attitudes related to where Americans would like to live show that the grass is definitely greener on the other side of the fence.

About 46 percent of people would prefer to live in a different type of community from the one they live in now, the survey by the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends found. That sentiment was most common among urban dwellers.

But the desire to move elsewhere doesn’t stop people from appreciating their current locale. About 80 percent rank their current communities as excellent, very good or good. Both the 63 percent who have moved at least once and the 37 percent who have lived in the same place all their lives are equally satisfied with their current locations.

Other findings include:

  • Americans are all over the map in their views about their ideal community type: 30 percent say they would most like to live in a small town, 25 percent in a suburb, 23 percent in a city and 21 percent in a rural area.
  • About 75 percent of Americans say they prefer living where the pace of life is slow, not fast. A similar majority prefers a place where neighbors know each other well to one where neighbors don’t generally know each other’s business.
  • About 65 percent say they prefer to live in a hot-weather climate rather than a cold one.
  • Fast food gets the nod with 43 percent preferring to live in a place with more McDonald’s outlets vs. the 35 percent who would rather have more Starbucks shops.

Asked to rank cities where they would live if they could, nearly everyone chose warm weather locations in the South or the West. Here are their top 15 picks:

1. Denver, 43 percent
2. San Diego, 40 percent
3. Seattle, 38 percent
4. Orlando, 34 percent
5. Tampa, 34 percent
6 San Francisco, 34 percent
7. Phoenix, 33 percent
8. Portland, Ore., 31 percent
9. Sacramento, 29 percent
10 .San Antonio, 29 percent
11. Boston, 28 percent
12. Miami, 28 percent
13. Atlanta, 26 percent
14. Washington, DC, 25 percent
15. New York, 24 percent

Source: Pew Research Center (01/29/2009)


Where is Real Estate Going?

March 25, 2008


What is going on in real estate in Orlando? I must get asked this question about a hundred times per day. I’m beginning to think I need to whip on my swami turban and cart around my “8” ball and start coming up with some snappy retorts. Where is it going? Well I think it’s going UP! Lord knows…we have been down long enough and it can’t go any lower. Good people are walking away from their homes and facing foreclosure, bad people are walking away from their homes and facing foreclosure, smart people are walking away from their homes and facing foreclosure…it’s an epidemic. Good news is that for most epidemics, there is a cure. It’s just sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease. Will we see many more months of price declines, will we see more foreclosures, and will we see more rentals? What will we see? I wish I knew. But this I do know…it WILL rebound. The market will turn. Real estate is a life force and you can not stop it. Everyone STILL wants to own a home. Many people are returning to the thought process that it’s actually a HOME and not JUST an investment. Everything points to the good. The paper (and this is totally shocking) actually reported some positive news about real estate and the fact that it looks like the bottom has hit. Heck, even Donald Trump is buying, buying and buying real estate. Why not? It’s a great time to buy. What is going on in real estate? It’s all a gamble but it has ALWAYS been a gamble. But one thing I know. It’s worth owning a home and it’s still the greatest job on the planet. I love real estate!


Buyer’s Market?

March 17, 2008


ARE THESE THE DOGS DAYS OF REAL ESTATE? On the contrary, it’s A GREAT TIME to buy a home. Why…because buyers hold a lot of power right now and if used properly today’s buyer can become very successful at buying a home at the most opportune time in over a decade. Like it or not, buyers have a big advantage in this market because sellers are now more willing to negotiate. There are also more homes for sale on the market and the lenders are begging for qualified buyers. Buyers rule the world. However, buyers need to be careful. Why? Because things are getting a little ugly in the real estate industry and EVERY BUYER seems to think that all Sellers are DESPERATE for an offer, any offer. I have lost track of how many transactions have not only come in $5,000 under listing price but sometimes almost $500,000 under list price. Buyers need to understand that not EVERY SALE IS A SHORT SALE and not every SELLER is in panic mode. But what you do have…Sellers willing to make some good “deals” out there and you are missing the action. Why are buyers hesitant? I have no idea. I do know this…if buyers wait around for the PERFECT time to buy a home they will miss their chance. He who hesitates… So think about it, go out and look. Find a good REALTOR and get an offer in on the home of your dreams. It’s still a good buy, but even better, it’s good to come home each and every night to your “OWN” place and have a little slice of heaven here on earth.


Wine Storage Tips From Sotheby’s Wine Auction Experts

September 18, 2007

Whether it’s a toasty chardonnay with salmon, a bold cabernet sauvignon with grilled steak or a smooth merlot with roast lamb, we often take great pains to pair our favorite wines with the ideal gourmet cuisine.

To ensure a wine’s fine qualities, homebuyers are increasingly seeking homes with wine storage facilities. Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty, as a premier provider of luxury real estate in Central Florida, has experienced a growing trend towards homes with distinctive wine storage facilities. This luxury real estate firm offers many extraordinary homes offering such features.

According to Jamie Ritchie, senior vice president of Sotheby’s Auction House wine department, we may be making great strides in wine and food pairings, but we are not taking the time to properly store our favorite drop. Ritchie recommends making the most of preferred wine selections by storing them in the appropriate conditions. Wine aromas will intensify, colors will deepen and flavors will enhance the taste of the most scrumptious of fare.

For optimum taste and enjoyment of wine treasures, Ritchie suggests the following storage tips for all types of wine stored for more than a couple of months:

Maintain temperature-

The ideal temperature for wine storage is a constant 55 degrees. If the wine is too warm, it will mature too quickly and the flavor will decline. If the wine is too cold, the complexity of the flavors becomes dull and flat. Storing wine at the ideal temperature will allow it to reach and maintain peak aromas and intensity.

Rest it on its side-

Bottles must rest on their side for the wine to maintain contact with the cork. This keeps the cork moist, preventing air from getting into the bottle and oxidizing the wine.

Keep it still-

Ensure that wines are in a vibration-free location. Store them away from the boiler room or areas of high traffic in the home. Keeping the wine static will enable the naturally forming sediments in the bottle to fall away and ensure a clean and clear-tasting pour when it comes time for serving.

Turn out the lights-

Store wines in the darkest room in the house, preferably in a cellar or a dark closet. Light will prematurely age a bottle of wine and potentially ruin the flavor.

According to Ritchie, the single biggest mistake that wine enthusiasts make is to store their wines in the kitchen. “Unless you have a temperature and humidity controlled storage unit, the kitchen, including the refrigerator, is the worst place to store wine,” Ritchie said. “The refrigerator is too cold, and the kitchen is an environment of frequent changes in light and temperature as well as extreme traffic and movement – all conditions to avoid in proper wine storage.”

Considering that wine cellars are found in only select luxury homes, finding such estates means working with the right real estate firm that specializes in extraordinary properties.

Linda Hutchinson proudly represents the Seller of just such a home. This extraordinary property offers a brand new nearly 5,000 square foot home, under construction, in downtown Orlando that will be one of the few homes in the Central Florida region with a full basement that features a wine storage facility ensuring proper care for an expensive wine collection. Please review the information (on this blog) for the listing at 335 N. Hyer Street in Downtown Orlando. This estate home is priced at $1,800,000. More information on this home can be found here.

In addition to the firm’s main office in Orlando, Florida, Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty, also operates offices in Dr. Phillips, Windermere, Heathrow, Winter Park and Ormond Beach. Additional information is available at, as well as at



What’s In A Name?

September 14, 2007



by Linda Hutchinson

Florida Today reports that people sometimes make home selections based upon the names of the streets. Flowers are popular while street names like “Soggy Bottom” are not highly regarded. The article found here notes the real importance of street names in a variety of arenas, including ease of access for the fire and police departments as well as plain likability. This article is so dead on…and I don’t mean dead end. I have had a lot of buyers who would not live on certain streets because they didn’t like the name. One client thought Harmony Lane was just too cute. I also had a customer who would only buy a house where the house numbers totaled seven. Fortunately, I found her a house with the numbers 421 and she bought it! You never know what will help a home sell but names (and numbers) do make a difference!



Photography – What You Need to Know to Sell Your Home!

September 12, 2007

by Linda Hutchinson

Home photography makes a great difference when it comes to attracting buyers to your home. For the record, Sotheby’s research reflects that buyers require a minimum of six photos to hold their interest as they view homes over the internet. With over 80% of the public starting their home search online, it’s important that home photography be of the highest quality with multiple photos of the home available to internet users. It’s a whole new world out there in real estate sales! Great tips on home photography here.