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Looks matter…

May 7, 2011

I am preparing to sell my parent’s villa-style retirement home and I am getting ready to set the “stage” with color, light and stunning furniture & accessories. All this for a home that will sell under $200K. But I know in doing so – I’ll sell it faster than my competitors.

Why do I do this? Because in today’s real estate world – looks matter. They matter more than ever. I have noticed that you can show buyers great values but if the homes are ugly, dirty, smelly or just not exciting, then they won’t sell. Buyers want something pretty and they don’t want to do anything to make it pretty. They are looking for inherited pretty.

I recently had someone submit a contract on one of my listings where they asked for ALL the furniture and accessories in the home to be included in the purchase price. While this may be extreme, it further validates my belief that a visually stunning home will sell faster than a home without decorating. Buyers want it all.

There will always be investors looking for great buys. But investors are now buying dumps and turning them into show homes with staged furniture. It’s more common than ever and a smart move for savvy sellers. Have you noticed that even foreclosed homes are now getting a facelift and banks are reaping the benefit with higher sales prices?

So for anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting a home sold? Call in a decorator and get that home in show shape. It makes a difference.


Real Estate Mind Games

August 21, 2010


Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” Conrad Hilton


Real estate today is moving and changing in new directions. To be a winner in today’s real estate world, you have to put the past behind you and move toward the future. You have to be an agent that wants to win and then sets out to figure out what it will take to make transactions matter.

It’s all a mind game and you must have a winning mindset. If you don’t – you are doomed to fail.

I am constantly reminded how tough our economic climate is and how bad home prices have fallen. But I am also reminded that we are not the only generation to have financial challenges. Many of our grandparents and parents suffered greatly during the “great depression” and they think we are all being a wee bit dramatic. I know it is tough out there but I also know that opportunities exist to those who don’t give up and keep moving toward a goal.

Will real estate ever be the same? No. But how can we expect it to remain the same? It’s changed for good and I don’t think that is all bad news. It’s just our reality and it is time we deal with it. I heard today that nearly a quarter of Americans think their home is going to fall in value this year and yet I also heard that nearly a quarter of Americans are going to put their homes on the market the first sign of change.

Be the change – start thinking about winning in a hard market. What have we got to lose because our days are full of opportunities! Keep a positive mindset and be prepared to WIN. I believe it for you.


We’re all a twitter in real estate

April 14, 2009

Real estate  marketing and our method of communication for same is changing by leaps and bounds. It’s moving so fast that today’s real estate agent has to work hard to keep up. Technology is powerful and we are watching real estate grow in a totally new dimension.

I remember when the IBM Mag-Card typewriter first entered the market and our company thought we were so avant-garde. It was the Jetson’s come to life in the new world and we were so advanced. It’s laughable now. Early computers were huge mega machines and we had NO IDEA that this Internet revolution would lead to so many new ways to sell real estate.  Not even Al Gore could have predicted this world.

Today, social networking via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are just scratching the surface of the new world order. Daily new ideas and new concepts amend how we do business and what people think of us. We don’t have to wonder what people think of us…we just type it in 140 words or less and they can monitor our daily thoughts and actions.

For me…I’m not worried about the future. I think it’s going to be exciting and I just want to be a part of it. Relationships matter, but our definition of relationships changes by the minute.

Bottom line – if your real estate agent isn’t on the cutting edge of technology – it’s time to move on. Today’s real estate agent has to do more than sell – they have to be tech savvy – they have to tweet.