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Looking at Real Estate in Orlando through colored glasses…

August 16, 2008

As a little girl, I loved looking through a kaleidoscope. As you turned it, the colors and shapes and prisms would create a beautiful symphony of color and light. It never looked the same twice. I was fascinated. The interesting part is that I never stopped turning it; I always wanted to see what new vision would arrive around the next turn of the wheel. I was awed but never fully satisfied.

So too goes real estate in late 2008. It’s like a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting and changing with new patterns and new directions daily. It’s certainly not boring and I look forward to each day.

A year ago, the real estate world was not so bright. Even today, with almost 20% of homes in Orlando area in foreclosure or short sale status, it may sometimes, to the untrained eye, seem bleak. But as Bob Dylan once said, “the times they are a-changin.”

There is an increase in contracts, a decrease in listing inventory and a slight rise in interest rates. I also sense a return of consumer confidence. All this combined makes for a good time to buy real estate for regardless what the future holds, people still want to OWN their piece of the American dream…they want a place to call home.

Homes under contract have increased and I am seeing an increase in buyers. I think many buyers finally realize that we have bottomed out. Interest rates are going up but they still remain affordable and available to the consumers. We are working our way out of the mortgage mess.

Our problems aren’t going to vanish overnight and a perfect world is impossible. But there is a sweet spot where life blends beautifully with our reality and things fall into place.

A kaleidoscope can be a metaphor for life. We live in a world where things are moving and changing. Some times are better than others but the future looks brighter than the past. As the song goes…”I can see clearly now the rain has gone – I can see no obstacles in my way.” In short, it’s all good.

The only constant is change. Most importantly, we can’t change everything wrong with the world but we can change our perceptions. It’s still a great life and living in Central Florida has never been better. Put on your rose colored glasses, turn your world upside down and get ready for a fantastic future in Orlando. It’s not called the Magic Kingdom for nothing.