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Just the facts…real estate fact or fiction

July 11, 2008

By Linda Hutchinson

In the sixties there was a long-running radio and television police procedural drama about the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners, called Dragnet. It remains the most popular police show in television history.

The most famous line spoken was “Just the facts, Ma’am.” When Sgt. Joe Friday stated that…you knew he wanted the people to take the emotional and subjective parts of their stories out of the case and just give him the facts.

Well today…that still holds true. When it comes to your listings – stick to the facts. What do I mean? It’s OK to embellish but you can’t lie. When you measure a room and put the dimensions in the MLS…make sure the measurements are correct and you use the proper measuring tools (not your feet). A room that is 12×10 should really be 12×10 per a measuring tape or measuring device.

Facts govern everything you do. When you get into any dispute…stick to the facts. Don’t get emotional or highly agitated…just remember the facts. When a Seller argues that there have been no showings on their listing. Give them the market statistics. Maybe their home is not priced right. They can’t argue the facts. When a buyer wants to offer a ridiculously low offer on a house – give them the facts. Most reasonable people relate to and will not argue the facts. Facts are facts and they can not be disputed.

So go out there and do your jobs…stick to the facts and it will help you stay out of trouble!