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April 28, 2011

We live in a time when people want quick answers and quick resolutions to all their questions. How many times a day do you see articles with “Five ways to Happiness” or “Seven steps to selling your home”? Here’s a fact: there aren’t any quick or fast steps to doing anything. It’s just the use of a catch phrase to get your attention. Imagine how great life would be if we could solve things in three easy steps? It just not that simple.

One of the main things I see is that realtors are being misled to believe that their clients are now internet social butterflies and that so much business is done via the web. This is simply not true. While more than 80% may look on the web for a home; the majority of individuals still rely on word-of-mouth or personal relationships to find a realtor to assist them. For instance, a recent fact published by the American Affluence Research Center reflects that only 12.5% of affluent clients even use social media. That’s not very good odds for those seeking to attract the luxury market via the web, through Facebook or other social networking venues.

The other common mistake I see in today’s real estate world is labeling clients. Of course, you know about “boomers” but now we have the newest which is the Millenial generation. The Millenial Generation was born between 1977 and 1998 and has approximately 75 million members. REALTORS are being led to believe that this age group is the next big wave of buyers. Let me assure you – I don’t see this happening. Why? Because I personally have millenials (with college degrees) living under my roof and they can’t find jobs that pay enough to afford a home. Fact: College degrees don’t guarantee a high-paying job thereby making home ownership affordable. I have friends who also have children who graduated college, who are hard-working and driven BUT who are also waiting tables and working part-time at corporations just to get an opportunity for full-time employment. Where do they live? At home with their parents! In addition, many of my friends have not only their grown children living at home but also their parents. These are the people who are helping to support the Millenials. I wish more people would write about that fact.

Millenials and Gen “X” and “Y” are watching the world economy in turmoil and they are scared for their future. I’m not sure they see the value in home ownership and they may just wait it out for a few years and see how the United States government (and lending instituions) respond to our economic crisis.

What is factual? At the end of the day it is still about relationships. Get out from behind your computer and meet people. Stay in touch with friends and former clients. While I personally have a blog, Facebook page and I tweet like a maniac, I do so for fun. I don’t expect business to boom because I do all my social networking. People will buy homes because they need a place to live. But as for me – know any investors or better yet – let’s do lunch?


Real Estate is about communication

March 18, 2009

Successful real estate careers are all about one’s ability to communicate; because in the course of a real estate transaction…you talk to countless people about countless things. If you are not a good communicator, you just won’t make it.

I recently had a client share with me about a prior experience and how frustrating he felt about not knowing what was happening with the progress of the sale of his home. As I spoke with him, I made a mental note to NOT say anything negative about his agent but to use his words to spur me on to better communicate with my clients.

People who know me have heard me say that “email is the devil” and I still believe this. It’s a necessary form of communication with our clients but it cannot possibly pick out the tone and intent of our message. Something gets lost in the translation. There is still something personal about picking up the phone and talking person to person with someone. It carries so much more validity to what you have to say.

Lack of communication on ALL SIDES leads to a stress-filled real estate career. Pastor Isaac Hunter recently wrote “find people who aren’t malcontents to do life with. Find people who will be encouraging whenever possible and whenever possible, be a person who encourages others”.

I couldn’t agree more. Encouraging one another by communicating our hopes and dreams is important to the business of real estate.

Let’s agree to communicate what is important to us. Let’s be verbal warriors (the good kind) with our lenders, our clients and brokers. Most importantly, let’s not lose touch.