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Not everything or every business person is created equal

May 18, 2010

Not everyone or everything is created equal and not ALL REALTORS are created equal. That’s what makes my job so interesting. I would highly recommend that you interview your agents prior to hiring them and speak to more than one. A personal referral is also of extreme importance.

As a side note there are some items of personal business etiquette that I would consider basic common courtesy:

1. Unlike social settings – in business we are all equal. When someone is introduced, enters the room or offers a handshake – you should stand (that goes for WOMAN especially). You want to be taken seriously? You should act accordingly.

2. The first person to the door opens it in business settings.

3. Always make introductions. If you forget a name – simply admit it and apologize.

4. Introduce people based on rank – the client is ALWAYS the most important person.

5. ALWAYS and I mean always refer to someone by Mr. or Mrs. unless they give you permission to call them by their first name regardless of their age.

6. First impressions count. Offer a FIRM handshake but not the death grip.

7. Hugs and kisses in a business setting are inappropriate.

8. When attending a business event always put your nametag on your right shoulder. It’s easier for people to read.

9. Always ask the person in charge of meeting where to sit – they often have seating assignments in mind.

10. Do NOT put your briefcase, purse or any object on a conference room table.  This includes your car keys.


12. A hand-written thank you note speaks volumes. SEND ONE after you meet people or share a conversation – it will go a long way in getting you referrals.

13. Return voice-mail, email and phone calls within 24 hours but really 30 minutes if you want to be taken seriously. If you are going to be unavailable, record a custom message so people will clearly understand when they can expect to hear from you.

If you follow these simple rules (and you may think of more) it will go a long way toward letting clients and business associates know that you mean business.