It’s May Day! What’s that mean for real estate?

May 1, 2011

When I was a wee girl, our elementary school celebrated the 1st of May with a May Day celebration that included dancing around a “May pole” (which was actually our school flag pole) that had been covered in pastel ribbons. Wearing flowers in our hair, the young girls would select a ribbon and skip around and sing some cheerful song after which we would partake in games and food (one of the best parts would have been the skipping and FOOD). The significance here was to celebrate what many considered to be the arrival of spring and the birth of flowers and new life.

Skip forward and May Day is almost forgotten in the United States although still celebrated in other parts of the world. Many celebrate this day with military parades. Other counties use May 1st as a day of recognition for the people who labor in chosen professions. I don’t care for the military references to May Day – I prefer the joyful expression of the day.

As for me – I still celebrate May Day in my heart. In real estate, it is good to have a reminder that every day is May Day and a chance to celebrate. We have a career and a job that is glorious and while these are challenging times with the pangs of new economic realities – the fact remains that people still need to live somewhere and I want to help them. I’m skipping for joy. Won’t you join me?


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