Spring has sprung for real estate

March 12, 2011


It’s time to spring forward this weekend as we change our clocks and prepare for the spring and summer seasons. But I can tell you that we have sprung some good news in Orlando already. 

As a real estate agent, spring has arrived a bit early and buyers are back out on the real estate market. Competing bids are becoming more common and homes are selling. I truly feel that buyers are realizing that NOW is the time to buy and obtain great homes at great prices. 

Is this the end of the slump? I doubt it. Average home prices are still in the low $100K range but here’s the reality – HOMES ARE SELLING and for that I am grateful. 

Don’t believe in all the gloom and doom. If you have money to invest – invest in real estate and rental properties. It is projected that 64% of homes in the future will be rentals so now is the time to buy properties that will make great future rental homes. 

Don’t miss this affordable real estate market – I look forward to Spring and all the changes – I look forward to selling more homes as well. Both are great fun and invigorating. Won’t you join me?



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