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March Madness – Home Affordability Bracket

March 21, 2011


March Madness is finally here. At Coldwell Banker we love our college towns, and those locales with teams in the Big Dance are abuzz right now with tournament fever.

While everyone rushes to fill out their brackets, Coldwell Banker for the second straight year is giving you the Bracket of Affordability. This bracket fills out the projected tournament winner by advancing the school that resides in the most affordable real estate market according to the median price for homes that are currently on the market that appear on

Last year, the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability picked Syracuse as its tournament champ, and this year we have another great shot at picking the right winner with Kansas ending up as the overall champ. Lawrence, Kansas has the most affordable real estate market of the tournament field with a media home price of $106,855.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, UC-Santa Barbara boasts the most expensive college market with a median price of $2.7 million. The final four includes Indiana St. ($127,212), Florida ($108,873), and Memphis ($111,650).

We’ll be tracking the success of the Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability throughout the tournament to see just how accurate the picks are. Find out more about how affordable college markets are by checking out the College Home Listing Report on

…courtesy of Coldwell Banker


Spring has sprung for real estate

March 12, 2011


It’s time to spring forward this weekend as we change our clocks and prepare for the spring and summer seasons. But I can tell you that we have sprung some good news in Orlando already. 

As a real estate agent, spring has arrived a bit early and buyers are back out on the real estate market. Competing bids are becoming more common and homes are selling. I truly feel that buyers are realizing that NOW is the time to buy and obtain great homes at great prices. 

Is this the end of the slump? I doubt it. Average home prices are still in the low $100K range but here’s the reality – HOMES ARE SELLING and for that I am grateful. 

Don’t believe in all the gloom and doom. If you have money to invest – invest in real estate and rental properties. It is projected that 64% of homes in the future will be rentals so now is the time to buy properties that will make great future rental homes. 

Don’t miss this affordable real estate market – I look forward to Spring and all the changes – I look forward to selling more homes as well. Both are great fun and invigorating. Won’t you join me?



Home Decorating – What’s in?

March 3, 2011

An interesting thing is happening in the world of real estate and home decorating. Everything old is new again. 

I am finding in this time of economic uncertainty that people are decorating their homes differently. I am seeing a lot of natural looking furniture, distressed pieces, color…in short an updated cottage style. COTTAGE is huge right now – you only have to look at the magazines on the racks to see that this look for home decorating is hot and here to stay. 

I think the trend toward this well defined look is a desire to feel AT HOME in our homes. I think it is an effort to buy something (affordable) and that makes us feel like we are back in grandma’s kitchen. This style of decorating is not about matching furniture and brown tones. It’s about COLOR and lace and older pieces of furniture that have been repurposed. You can call it a move toward green living or just call it a desire to save some green by buying gently loved furniture but cottage-style living is here to stay. 

Personally – I like it. The home with a cottage look has some personality. I like color. Pink is in and yellows, greens and blues are back. I love it – I think it is a decorating reminder that our house is our home and we need to make it look so. For many, it reminds us of sitting in our family kitchen and feeling the love. A house is not just bricks and mortar – it’s a place where families still eat around a dinner table and use tablecloths and laugh. It’s living life in a gentle and loving style.

For the record, I’m seeing this style in all price ranges. People are getting very creative and it’s all in the details. Chandeliers in bathrooms, walls in pink and blue, gentle loved and often scratched tables, lots of white. It’s all very interesting and intriguing.

Think outside the box and go bold. Start with color – you will be amazed how it will lift your spirits.