New Year’s Resolutions

December 6, 2010

As the New Year approaches I am getting more and more emails with 10 ways to success, 5 ideas for planning your new year, or 17 methods for keeping your clients happy. You get the idea. I am always amused that there are a “magic” “number” of ideas for how to be successful in the coming year.

I hate New Year resolutions to be honest. Everyone starts with the best of intentions and then falls apart about five days into the New Year. Instead, I think you need to have resolutions in your heart year round.

You need to be resolved to:

1. Be kind

2. Be patient

3. Have faith

4. Believe

What do I mean? In this time of uncertainty with a world weary from the fear of what will happen in our future; I choose to believe in the unbelievable.  I believe in a world of peace, where people treat each other with respect and kindness. A world filled with loving words toward each other and where there is faith in something greater than us.

I can’t change anyone else – but I can change the way that I think and I resolve to be different in 2011. I believe! May it be so for you too?


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