Real Estate is about communication

March 18, 2009

Successful real estate careers are all about one’s ability to communicate; because in the course of a real estate transaction…you talk to countless people about countless things. If you are not a good communicator, you just won’t make it.

I recently had a client share with me about a prior experience and how frustrating he felt about not knowing what was happening with the progress of the sale of his home. As I spoke with him, I made a mental note to NOT say anything negative about his agent but to use his words to spur me on to better communicate with my clients.

People who know me have heard me say that “email is the devil” and I still believe this. It’s a necessary form of communication with our clients but it cannot possibly pick out the tone and intent of our message. Something gets lost in the translation. There is still something personal about picking up the phone and talking person to person with someone. It carries so much more validity to what you have to say.

Lack of communication on ALL SIDES leads to a stress-filled real estate career. Pastor Isaac Hunter recently wrote “find people who aren’t malcontents to do life with. Find people who will be encouraging whenever possible and whenever possible, be a person who encourages others”.

I couldn’t agree more. Encouraging one another by communicating our hopes and dreams is important to the business of real estate.

Let’s agree to communicate what is important to us. Let’s be verbal warriors (the good kind) with our lenders, our clients and brokers. Most importantly, let’s not lose touch.


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