Don’t miss it…good real estate buys won’t last

December 21, 2008



When I was in high school we travelled to Washington, DC for a week-long field trip to see our nation’s capital. It was fun, exciting and VERY exhausting. We visited many museums, historic sites, the House and Senate chambers, met with a Supreme Court Justice and travelled to the Washington and Lincoln memorials.

But while we were at the National Mall, I was very weary and after walking from the Washington Memorial to the next set of seemingly unending stairs, I sat down and closed my eyes. I NEVER looked back or turned around. I just sat. What did I miss? I missed the Lincoln Memorial. Never saw it, didn’t realize what I was missing until it was too late.

I am sure you are wondering what does this have to do with real estate…and that would be a good question.

We are all weary and we are all worn out and sometimes you get so tired you lose your ability to think and see clearly. If home buyers don’t wake up they are going to miss out on the best OPPORTUNITY ever to purchase homes at all-time low prices at all-time low interest rates. People…it doesn’t get any better than this. OPEN YOUR EYES – look around you. This is a GREAT TIME TO BUY A HOME.

The bottom IS HERE and it’s TIME TO BUY. Don’t sit back and relax – find the right home for you and buy it NOW.


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