Real Estate Reality – the “REAL” World of Real Estate Sales

December 7, 2008

Real estate is a lot like reality shows these days…outwit, outlast and outplay. It’s a unique position real estate agents find themselves in and the REAL world is throwing us some roadblocks and opportunities.

But the good thing about this is CHANGE. The real estate agents, sellers and buyers who recognize that real estate in 2009 is not the same as ANY OTHER TIME IN HISTORY will be the winners of the game. It’s all about being able to adapt to changing technology, changing interest rates and changing habits of buyers and sellers.

As we enter a new year, it will be so much fun to watch our industry grow and expand. The ranks of REALTORS are sure to decrease but in the residue will be the best REALTORS in the business who realize this is REALLY about being a professional and serving the needs of our clients. The REALTORS who remain will adapt and change and grow with our fantastic industry. It’s truly a win-win, not only for our profession but also for our clients.

Let the games begin!



  1. Hey Linda! You don’t know how refreshing it is for me to find another blogging Real Estate Professional in my area!

    I see you too are a fan of Jay’s Phoenix Real Estate Blog. Have you ever read the posts over at another AZ blog — Greg Swann’s Bloodhound Blog? If you search for Bloodhound Realty Blog you should find it.

    They have tons, I mean tons of Real Estate Bloggers contributing over there. It’s a must see for me each day. The resources you’ll find there will amaze you. They’re full on into social networking and above all else… Breaking the Mold! (Which is why your post caught my eye!)

    I hope you stop by my Florida Mortgage Blogger blog. I’d be honored.

    Are you on twitter? I’m there as: flmortgagepro (http://www.twitter.com/flmortgagepro)

    • Greg…thanks for the kind words. I love to blog and I love kind comments! I will check out your recommended sites. I’m always interested in reading blogs posted by people who think creatively and with a positive outlook! Have a great holiday! Cheers, Linda

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