Christmas Real Estate Wishes – Sotheby’s Style

November 28, 2008

In the coming weeks I want to share some CHRISTMAS WISHES with you. It’s a variation on the twelve days of Christmas theme except I’m just going to keep them coming.

Today’s wish?


I wish you tons of it.

I listen to buyers and sellers ALL DAY and the overriding theme is the sense of sadness and fear that I hear in their voices. For most people, there has never been a time when real estate wasn’t the way to a prosperous future. To suddenly watch this tidal wave a negativity come crashing down on them is not only scary but they have nothing to measure it against. They have no history. They didn’t go through the depression and most weren’t around during the President Carter years of double digit interest rates. It’s been sunshine and roses for a long time.

Here’s my word of encouragement. CHANGE is coming. Why? Because change is constant. In addition, we have elected a new President who has promised change. Do I think a President can do it all alone? No. Do I think our current President did this on HIS own? No. But I think we have a nation who is coming together to effect change and they have sent a mandate to the government to make it so.

I am certain they are listening and just as real estate ushers in a down cycle…so too will real estate usher in the upturn and transformation of the real estate market. It may not be at past levels, but it will bring stability and prosperity back to the land of the brave.

So be BRAVE…be STRONG and know that you are going to be just fine! I BELIEVE!


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