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It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Real Estate World

October 27, 2008

I haven’t posted in a while and there is a good reason. I have been observing, carefully, what is going on in the world today and frankly, I was flummoxed. This is like being in a Fellini movie and watching the world slog by in slow-mo. It’s just a mad, mad, real estate world!

The good news? Well the good news is that there really IS GOOD NEWS. As trite as it may sound, things go up and things go down. Things change. Sometimes that change is for the better although lately it has not been so. But on the plus side, change (to coin a current political trend) is coming and it’s going to get better.

In Orlando real estate, we see buyers, we see realistic sellers, and we see people who still WANT TO OWN A HOME. It’s not ALL BAD NEWS.

I still can’t help but think that some of this mess is simply the result of politics as usual. But I look forward to change and I look forward to a brighter tomorrow. It’s coming. Be ready.



Luxury Home shopping ONLINE

October 6, 2008

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing recently released a study that states:

The 19% of American adult heads of households who earn $100,000 or more are heavy users of technology. The statistics below highlight their computer and Internet use and clearly demonstrate that as wealth goes up, so does Internet use. Where will you find the affluent? Online. Agents who work in the luxury market must be promoting themselves and their properties Online and communicating via e-mail.

• 98% of those earning at least $100,000 have a computer at home
• 90% communicate via email
• 88% buy goods and services Online
• 58% use their cell phone to go Online
• 30% read blogs
• 9% write a blog
• On average, they spend more time Online than they spend watching television
• They spend 23.4 hours every week Online
• Those who earn $250,000 or more spend even more time Online — 27.4 hours weekly!

What is so interesting about this? THE INTERNET continues to be the main source of information for Buyers and Sellers of real estate.

When you are thinking about hiring a real estate agent…think INTERNET. Selling a home? You need an agent with multiple websites, someone who is computer literate and an agent who knows how to disseminate important information to multiple websites…you need someone seriously tech savvy. There are new forms of technology on the horizon. Either you are ahead of the curve or it’s passed you by!