One House at a Time – How to Buy in today’s market

September 29, 2008

The rock band, Three Dog Night may have sang “One is the loneliest number” back in the 70’s but it’s not true. A great way to kick-start the housing market is ONE house at a time.

Can one person really make a difference? Ask Winston Churchill, ask FDR, ask Gandhi, ask Mother Teresa, ask Martin Luther King…these are just a few of the vast number of individual people who made a difference. I don’t think they started on their path to change the future of our world and thought they were limited. They didn’t think in terms of what they could not accomplish. They just took one step forward into a limitless future and made an enormous difference in the world.

What about today? How do we change the economy? We can do it ONE person at a time. It only takes one. It takes ONE willing and realistic home seller and ONE willing buyer. It takes ONE strong and willing lender, it takes ONE appraiser to give honest insight. It takes ONE REALTOR to facilitate the transaction.

It doesn’t seem so hard if we start out with ONE step forward into our own limitless future.


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