Happiness in a box… owning a home

July 7, 2008


by Linda Hutchinson  

I remember as a small child going to McDonalds on Saturday ONLY and having the rare treat of getting a Happy Meal. I heard someone recently talking about the use of the term “Happy” and “Meal”. It seems like the people at the golden arches were on to something when they coined this term. Can a meal make you happy? Is happiness guaranteed in a box?

Now let’s segue that concept toward owning a home. In Orlando today, McMansions grow and expand the Central Florida real estate skyline. Where there were once quaint cottages and bungalows is now expanded and enormous estate homes squeezed onto prime lots. It’s happiness in a box.

Buyers today need to realize that a home IS happiness. It’s not the size that matters…it’s the location and the feeling you get when you walk into a room and know you have come “home” – it is an intangible and indescribable feeling that this is the place where you want to relax and rest. It’s your sanctuary.

Buyers and Sellers would both do well to remember that happiness really doesn’t come in a box. It comes when you make ANY place your home. It’s when you buy something not for the investment value but for family value. We have forgotten that happiness is more important than anything and you can’t achieve it with buying more and bigger things. It happens when you intentionally bring happiness into your home.

Be it ever so humble…



  1. Recession is just a matter of time, big house depreciation period is coming soon.

  2. Thanks for the post

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