GPS your way home…

July 4, 2008

by Linda Hutchinson

I was thinking today that this new GPS craze is taking the world by storm. My licensed assistant wouldn’t even think about going to show homes without putting all the addresses in this box and a computerized (male or female – you pick) voice tells her where to go. Don’t know about you…but I am just old school enough to enjoy the drive. Besides…I don’t like being told where to go. Like Captain Kirk…I plot a course and go boldly forward.

When an agent is showing property it goes without saying that they should KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING. In today’s real estate world, our buyers need to know too. That doesn’t take a GPS. It takes a PhD. Buyers today need to be educated about the market. Short sales are NOT good buys. Foreclosures are a lot of trouble and banks are still not realistic. The best buys…homes with owners who have some equity and are willing to haggle a bit. Now we are talking – real talk.

When it comes to buyers though, the term GPS really stands for GO PICK SOMETHING.

It still boils down to HOW MUCH DOWN and HOW MUCH PER MONTH. Location, condition and price matter – so stick with the basics. But pick something. You’ll be glad you did.

PS: Live long and prosper


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