I got your back…protect your identity

June 22, 2008

By Linda Hutchinson

When buying or selling a home…protect yourself! You don’t know who is looking at your loan documents, files, contracts, etc. Ask all parties involved if they have a Client Identity Protection Program in place. Many loan processors, law firms, title companies, real estate agents and others have programs that protect you and limit the access to your personal financial information and social security numbers.

Whether buying or selling, NEVER give out your personal information (especially your social security number) by fax, email or phone. Deliver credit reports IN PERSON – don’t fax or email them. For the IRS required forms (often needed to get your home loan approved) make sure you notify your loan officer and write on top of the forms “do not copy, fax or scan” across the top and bottom.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your financial information. You never know who is looking at your faxed copies or emails! Play it safe and be smart!


  1. Thank you for the information.

    Every consumer should be educated and practice good habits to protect themselves from the growing threat of Identity Theft.


  2. Yes, once information is on the Internet, it is there forever. We need to help our children understand that also. You can never be too careful with your personal, financial information. Everyone be careful!


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