June 20, 2008

By Linda Hutchinson

I am often asked by other real estate agents what is the secret to a successful real estate closing…what can almost guarantee a closed sale? Well here is my advice and it is pretty simple: JUST SHOW UP!

Show up and get the house ready when a prospective buyer is coming over. Are the lights on? Does the house smell nice? Is soft music playing? Have you done everything possible to help your listing look its best?

Show up and review contracts with your Seller – IN PERSON. I know this is unusual in today’s technologically advanced world but when an offer comes in – get in your car and visit with your clients. Sit down with them, face to face, and work out the details of the contract.

When the home inspector starts his part of the selling process…SHOW UP. I am constantly amazed at how often agents don’t even attend the home inspection. Regardless of who you represent, you are being PAID to represent. So, show up. It is amazing how many fires you can put out as the listing agent when you are actually there for the inspection. You also have a great opportunity to calm anxieties and ease fears.

Appraisers need your input. Now more than ever you need to SHOW UP and make sure there are no appraisal problems. I have comparables to back up my sales price. FACTS are indisputable but you have to SHOW UP and have them ready to make your sale happen.

Finally, don’t forget to SHOW UP for the closing. You leave a lasting impression on your clients when you take the time to attend closing. It’s a small gesture with a big return.

It’s really not a secret. When you show up…it is a done deal! Make it so.

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