Good News in Central Florida Real Estate

April 14, 2008


March winds blew in more than hot air…it brought us some sales. According to the Orlando Business Journal, sales are up in Orlando by more than 13%. This is great news and a sign that these baby steps might work up a little momentum for us in the Central Florida real estate industry. Hey…any positive news is good news!

There’s a famous quote that goes “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmache

Well in real estate that pretty well sums it up. Right now, it takes COURAGE!

But I want you to know that the market is not dead, homes are selling and there are transactions happening today. It just does not get reported. Apparently, good news does not sell newspapers.

However, in all truthfulness, it is a tough market and prices are not nearly as great as 2004-2005. This is not a market for the faint of heart or for the untrained professional. But for those of us who have sold real estate for many years, it is still a great time to be a REALTOR.

It is important that you get the whole picture regarding the real estate market. Like all things we have our highs and lows. Right now, we are in a lull. But real estate is still one of the strongest investments for a family and it is still a HOME. I think this is what gets lost in all the news articles. A home is the place where we spend quality time with friends and family and a place of sanctuary. It’s more than bricks and mortars…it is the hopes and dreams of people just like you and me.

I thank you for being a part of my real estate family. If I can help you in any way, you have but to call. I’m ready!




  1. I read somewhere that 60% of americans say now is the time to buy real estate and 60% of americans do not plan to buy real estate in the next 3 years. Optimistically, you could say that confidence is starting to go up even though activity isn’t doing much. It will come though.

  2. 60% is a pretty good figure but smart people are buying because the prices are so great at this time! Thanks for the comment.

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