Eh??? The Canadians are coming!

April 8, 2008


Recently I sold my first house via the internet. The buyer NEVER saw the house, never walked through it, did not have any idea about this home. Wired his closing funds in cash and it was done. Amazing!

This buyer just knew it was a good buy and it indeed it was. He saw our internet advertising and made an offer and it was accepted. Where was he from you might ask?


Our neighbors to the North must be doing something right since they are moving into buying US properties at a surprising rate. It’s amazing what a strong economy can do and how quickly the momentum can shift from one nation to another.

As for me…here is what I have to say:

CANADIANS, contact me! I have lots of great properties to sell. I love Canada. I even like your national anthem and the fact that you like the Queen. I have visited your BEAUTIFUL country on numerous occassions and I would be happy to sell you some BEAUTIFUL homes in my country. So enough sucking up…it’s just a reality folks. It’s a big, wide world and we are working a global market.  And in the end, that’s really a good thing!

For more information check out this site.



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