Rainy days and Sundays never get me down…

April 6, 2008

Yet another Sunday and yet another Open House and YET another day of rain. I can’t figure it out. I will go all month and not have an Open House planned but the ONE Sunday I hold an Open House, publicize it to the neighborhood, put it on TV and really go crazy with marketing…it RAINS. So it figures that I have a beautiful home open today and it RAINS. But here’s the upside:

1. Anyone who looks at a home in the rain MUST be serious. I mean this. Almost every year I have sold a house through one of my Open House dates and if the prospect comes out in the rain, I LOVE them even more.

2. The rain makes everything look fresh. It’s true. The driveway looks clean, the ambiance is cozy and inviting and darn it, I love rain.

3. Soft and warm lighting gives the home a glow. In Florida, its sunny most of the time and a home can almost be so bright you have to wear shades. But not so on a rainy Sunday Open House…the lights are on, the candles are glowing and the rooms take on a little warmth where shadows beckon the prospect to sit down. The buyer can envision themselves listening to music and reading a good book while drinking a glass of wine as they listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. It really gives the client a chance to envision their home at night when they will most likely be AT home.

So go ahead and rain…you won’t rain on my parade because ANY day is a GOOD day to sell real estate. Rain or shine!


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