What’s In and What’s Out

April 4, 2008


According to a recent article in REALTOR magazine, outdoor living spaces are very “in” with today’s buyer. These spaces feature massive fireplaces, TV’s, cook centers and more in an outdoor arena. You only need to visit the parade of homes or a local street of dreams venue to see that where the indoor movie theater has been replaced by elaborate and extensive outdoor living spaces. The indoors have moved outdoors.

What’s out? One thing is voluminous ceiling heights. It’s about time this one went out as it is totally non-energy efficient and hard to maintain. The wasted space of a 20-foot ceiling in a 12 by 10 room is the heighth (pardon the pun) of absurdity.

What is IN with most buyers? I find that the KITCHEN never goes out of style. The more elaborate the better. Granite is almost expected and any home without it is considered inferior. The stove has really gone upscale and often features a minimum six burners. Gas stoves are back! Most upscale homes have TWO refrigerators and they are hidden with custom cabinetry so you they don’t stand out. This is the new hidden appliance concept. Look for more of this in the future.

What do I think is OUT? This one is easy…MEDITERRANEAN styled homes. They are so dated. Builders keep trying to sell us on this Tuscan themed look but it is stale. Note to builders…let’s go back to Americana…what’s wrong with shingle shake exteriors? Give me a bungalow or Cape-Cod styled home any day and I’ll show you a buyer.

Your thoughts?



  1. I love the Cape-Cod and Swedish style homes (I live in one…sort of :)…the front porch is wonderful…but the refrigerator isn’t hidden in our house…it’s much appreciated in the same way as a well-stocked pantry–well used and well loved–a highlight of the kitchen. Aside from that…I absolutely agree. Great article.

    • There’s nothing like a front porch and the great family times spent there. Thanks for your comments!

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