Spring brings good news

February 15, 2008


No matter what anyone tells you there is change in the air and its SPRING time for sales in Central Florida. How do I know? Because I am seeing more and more buyers, my listings are being shown, contracts are being written and I have had more phone calls on my listings since January than I had in the last quarter of 2007. This is all good news. Backing up my personal statistics is the fact that home builders are significantly cutting back on new home construction and re-sale inventory has not grown dramatically as predicted. THIS IS ALL GOOD NEWS. With politics settling down, the weather is great, INTEREST RATES ARE STILL LOW,  loans are available and buyers realizing that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY, we are seeing a change in the Orlando market. Local economic forecasts also show that Orlando and Central Florida are poised for a turn in the market. Will we reach the epic proportions of 2005? Nope. But will we start to see stabilized markets and normal home appreciation…I sure think so. I know I have already seen a change in the market and I’m thrilled. Want more information on your home value or neighborhood? Call me…I’m the voice of optimism! But I believe what I preach. Cheers! Linda (Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty) 407.898.9090




  1. I agree things are looking much busier in the last few weeks and look forward to a steady flow of business. There are many great homes for sale and people are going to find some amazing deals and values for homebuyers. For home sellers we know have our portability tax and this will allow many to make that move in your community to upsize or downsize or move to that area where you want to live.

  2. Florida is a great place to live so we knew it wouldn’t be that long until we saw the trend start to move up. There are some great deals out there for investors and we need to keep buying. The commercial real estate has dropped a bit but is still strong.

    Good News!

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