Let’s All SLOW Down…

December 20, 2007


by Linda Hutchinson

‘Tis the season and good news is here. There is a definite slow down in construction starts for new homes and that is GOOD NEWS for the real estate industry. As reported in the following article, builders are pulling back on new construction and that means that there will be less competition for resale property, fewer incentives for new homes buyers and the at best, a start to the recovery of the market. When the market is saturated with homes, it makes selling existing inventory very difficult. On the plus side, we are also seeing a return of buyers and the luxury home market continues to to be strong with 43 recent sales in he month of November according to the Orlando Regional MLS. The highest listing sold in November was for $4.5 million and was a waterfront home in Winter Park. Luxury home buyers know what the rest of the buying public should realize…NOW IS A GOOD TIME!



  1. You’re right, Linda. And as I just reported in my blog, the luxury home market IS doing just fine! Here’s a question for you. I’m in California for the holidays and went with friends to tour a neighborhood known for its holiday decorating. I was informed that their HOA mandates that every home be decorated. I’m thinking that would be very difficult to enforce due to the 1st ammendment. What do you think? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. I think you are right Andi and I would be very surprised if they could actually enforce that rule in federal court. I would imagine you could decorate by simply putting out anything. One would also think you would know this rule before moving into the neighborhood. Interesting concept, indeed. Hope you are having a great time in California! Thanks for commenting. Cheers,Linda

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