Buy One Home, Get One Free… Today’s Seller Incentives

December 7, 2007


This isn’t a trick. This is a real picture and a real deal. However, even with tough times, this sales concept takes the prize. Yes there is a buy one get one free but it is not what you think. The builder for this property is located near the Denver area and if you buy one home they will give you a week time share in Florida for free. Good idea and great “buzz” for this community. I think builders are pulling out all the tricks to get buyers into their existing inventory. Builder and buyer incentives should make 2008 a very interesting year!



  1. I’ve always enjoyed the “free gift with purchase”. πŸ™‚

  2. Well this was one free gift that was a pretty original idea…too bad it really wasn’t a FREE HOUSE.

  3. All new construction is built to Energy Star standards which include energy-efficient building techniques and features such as more effective insulation, high-performance windows, tight construction, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, and Energy Star rated lighting fixtures and appliances

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