One Day Sale!

October 26, 2007

I like thinking outside the box. There is a new concept in real estate sales and it’s the one-day sale concept described as follows:

One-Day-Only Sales Help Concentrate Buyer Minds
Real estate professionals looking to drum up interest in homes in good condition and in desirable locations might want to consider a one-day sale to get buyers’ attention, provided that the seller is willing to reduce the price to the next major price point to achieve a sale.

Top-producing sales associate Angie Martinson of southern Oregon, for example, held a one-day sale for a $219,000 home, lowering the price to $199,000 for the event. Martinson prepared by informing other sales associates and investor friends, advertising in the local paper, and teaming up with a local lender.

Just before the open house, she put up signs, balloons, and flyers throughout the neighborhood. The event attracted 10 groups of buyers and ultimately resulted in a sale. While the event itself was not the reason why the home sold, it succeeded in persuading buyers to take a look.

Source: Realty Times, Jim Remley (10/23/07)

Keep an eye out for this new tactic in the Orlando market where anything may go in 2008!


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