Who Is To Blame?

October 22, 2007

We find ourselves in a certain calamitous situation and everyone either wants to blame someone or find the magic pill to cure what ails us…I’m talking of course about the economy.The problem, quite simply is poor lending practices and greedy Wall Street leaders who have led us down a primrose path of high risk loans and poor judgment. A recent article by Ben Stein uncovers the mysteries of high finance and places some blame at the feet of CEOs who went for high profits versus sound lending practices.

The other problem is the news outlets who think it’s acceptable to write negative press without cause that strikes fear and dread in the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Sure there are some bad loans. But overall, the economy is strong, home prices are low and unemployment remains low. Where are those optimistic news articles? You won’t find them.

We are not in perilous times. We are not even close to a depression. Newspapers sell BAD NEWS, it’s their business and we buy into it. Look around…this is a GREAT TIME TO BUY and you may not find a better time to buy in the near future. Once prices rise, and you and I both know they will, you will be left behind. And yet, we still have buyers who want to wait for rock bottom prices. Wait much longer and you may miss not only low prices but low interest rates.

Buy a HOME not an investment. Make a sound decision and seek the advice of a qualified agent. That’s the start to a better tomorrow!


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