What’s In A Name?

September 14, 2007



by Linda Hutchinson

Florida Today reports that people sometimes make home selections based upon the names of the streets. Flowers are popular while street names like “Soggy Bottom” are not highly regarded. The article found here notes the real importance of street names in a variety of arenas, including ease of access for the fire and police departments as well as plain likability. This article is so dead on…and I don’t mean dead end. I have had a lot of buyers who would not live on certain streets because they didn’t like the name. One client thought Harmony Lane was just too cute. I also had a customer who would only buy a house where the house numbers totaled seven. Fortunately, I found her a house with the numbers 421 and she bought it! You never know what will help a home sell but names (and numbers) do make a difference!



  1. […] estate blogs, Orlando Nest, Linda Hutchinson talks about the value of a good street name in, “What’s in a Name“. “One client thought Harmony Lane was just too cute. I also had a customer who would […]

  2. I’ve often thought who made up some of these street names in Central Florida. Most are generic names or names borrowed from far away places, i.e. Buckingham Bridgewater, Notting Hill, etc. Some even have stories behind them. What about “Snow Hill” drive, or “Winter Park”. No so much Florida names.

    For instance, the early developers of Deltona were the Mackle Brothers. Did you know that one of the major streets in Deltona is Elkcam Blvd. Elkcam is “Mackle” spelled backwards.

    “Wilson Place” subdivision as well as Wilson Elementary in west Sanford, Seminole County are named for a prominent, turn of the century, local attorney whose estate was and still is located at the corner of Orange Blvd., and Wayside Drive.

    Anyone else know of a town or street with a special story?

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