Sinkholes, Sharks, & Alligators… Welcome to Florida

September 12, 2007

by Linda Hutchinson

Right next to sinkholes is the fear of sharks and alligators in Florida. The reality is that sinkholes don’t happen that often, sharks rarely attack our swimmers and alligators are afraid of humans. But for some reason, one of the first things that new residents ask is “have you seen a live alligator”? For the record, I have. It lives in the lake behind my house. We tend to have a mutual admiration relationship and we keep our distance. He does not come up to the back door nor does he come into the yard. I just see him floating in the lake from time to time to remind me that wildlife in nature still exists just as God intended!



  1. alligator,”do not want!”

  2. I agree Linda, gators are a part of Florida living. I have to admit, it was one of the first questions I asked when I moved to Orlando…. but now I just love them (at a distance) a creature that has not evolved for millions of years deserves to be treated with caution, a mutual admiration is exactly what we should have with them, seeing them float around reminds me too that nature is still a huge part of life here. Not only a great animal….great football team too!

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