Photography – What You Need to Know to Sell Your Home!

September 12, 2007

by Linda Hutchinson

Home photography makes a great difference when it comes to attracting buyers to your home. For the record, Sotheby’s research reflects that buyers require a minimum of six photos to hold their interest as they view homes over the internet. With over 80% of the public starting their home search online, it’s important that home photography be of the highest quality with multiple photos of the home available to internet users. It’s a whole new world out there in real estate sales! Great tips on home photography here.



  1. Great article. You know, another great resource for real estate photography is a blog called Photography For Real Estate (big surprise…). I highly suggest checking them out as well.

  2. Interesting…Great post!! Also, Thanks for the resource Erik, I’ll place that on my blog as well.

    South FL Real Estate Investor
    Mike Perl

  3. Thanks Erik: I love the photography site you recommended. Good one! 🙂

  4. Wow, I just wrote an article on this same subject! You are so right on this one. Too many real estate agents are really missing the boat on this. I’m seeing 100’s and 100’s of real estate listings with poorly taken photos. The internet has made it imperative for sellers to insist on multiple quality photos. Keep up the good work! Love the blog!

  5. There are just tons of really bad mls photos although I’m still working on my photo skills. Here’s list of some sites popping up showcasing the number of bad photos on the mls.





  6. Thanks for the sites sworlando. I use OBEO for all my listings. This professional photography is well worth the cost and they provide the most professional looking home photos. I would highly recommend them.

  7. Just a personal opinion but OBEO is on the expensive side and their photos seem oversharpened and always have a bit of a unrealistic quality that I do not like. For $50 you can get about the same quality of virtual tour from tourthisplace.com but seems like neither one of these guys specialize in photography, just virtual tours.

  8. I also have a post about taking real estate photos at http://sworlandoblog.com/2007/08/25/some-keys-for-taking-real-estate-photographs/

  9. For all of my listings I also use OBEO. The end result is the WOW factor you don’t get with other companies. My post cards and brochures always stand out and I always receive positive feedback from them. Another GREAT way to have your listings stand out: Aerial Photography. A company called Macbeth Aerial in Orlando is great! http://www.macbethaerial.com. You get low resolution pictures emailed to you in within 24 hours and a CD filled with high resolution pictures as well. He can even draw the property boundaries and streets. I printed a 20 x 30 picture and gave it to my client as a closing gift. Another great way to get your listing noticed….

  10. Oops…bad link to the web site address in my last posting. Here is the correct address: http://www.macbethaerial.com/

  11. WOW Beth…that’s a great idea for a closing gift. You rock!

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