Barking Dog Ordinance?

September 11, 2007

by Linda Hutchinson

The city of Mount Dora is considering a change in their noise ordinance regarding barking dogs and the disturbance they create. (The full story can be found here)


I can honestly say that, as the owner of three dogs, I love dogs more than most people. But I will also tell you that incessant yapping by a neighbor’s dog is absolutely one of the most irritating sounds (right next to the noise emitted by car boom boxes). It is a shame that we can trust our neighbors to keep their dogs under control and we have to enact laws to make it so. For the record, a dog that barks can “kill” the sale of a home. No one wants to live next to that kind of noise.



  1. As I dog owner and a home owner, I must say that I am in favor of this change in the law. Although I do not live in an area that will benefit from this ordinance, I wish we had something similar. It seems as though people are not always considerate, but hopefully this will be some encouragement!

  2. I love dogs more then you 😛

  3. dogs rock

  4. this is the cutest dog

  5. I am constantly amazed at how many hits this one post receives on a DAILY basis. I agree…dogs rock. I have three of them (all rescued). Y’all keep it up. But I do wish dog owners would be responsible. Dogs are a privilege and should be treated with great love and care. They should not be left out in all weather conditions to suffer and bark. Dogs do rule…

    PS: Cats too!

  6. Every day I hear that right now the Real Estate market is a “Buyer’s Market”, but what exactly does this term mean? And how do I know if it really is a Buyer’s Market or not?

  7. A Buyer’s market means that Sellers are willing to negotiate great deals and take less for their homes than in the previous years. Today, there are more homes available for sale and a greater amount of inventory. When inventory increases, buyers have more homes to choose from and Seller’s are more willing to make a deal! In this market, Buyers are “gold” and they can pick and choose from a lot of great homes. It’s truly a good time to be a buyer.

    Good question, Mr. Bill! PS: I have some great buys in my inventory of homes for sale.

  8. this dog is cute

  9. hi i love the pic so i put it on my computer

  10. i love your dog,it’s so cute….

  11. I really love dogs, but my mom doesn’t

    let me have one.

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