Do Falling Leaves Mean Falling Prices?

September 4, 2007

by Linda Hutchinson

It’s fall y’all and the leaves are starting to turn. Pretty soon they will be falling in preparation for winter.But real estate in Florida had an early fall. I’m sounding the warning for you buyers out there….START TO BUY. I mean it. START TO BUY. Real estate agents AND Sellers are figuring out that lowering prices is not working. Eventually, these same people are going to simply get fed up and stop the drop.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The end of year approaches which also means the best opportunity for (a) great interest rates (b) concession from Sellers (c) best home prices (d) end of year tax deductions and motivated sellers, agents and lenders. BUYERS HAVE NEVER HAD IT THIS GOOD and yet there seems to be a wait and see attitude. Amazingly, BUYERS seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Well…It’s dropped and it’s kicking you in the teeth. For the smart BUYER – they will make the move NOW. Wait much longer and you are going to see some very serious sellers WAKE UP and start increasing their prices as interest rates drop.

Nothing stays the same forever. Change is a constant in real estate. Mark my words…I’m certain of this!




  1. You are right – now is the perfect time for investors to start buying up at rock bottom prices. The blogs are all saying it, and bloggers are always ahead of the curve!
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  2. Wow…Excellent post! It’s great to see that you offer such an excellent resource on the web for individuals that are new to real estate. I look forward to your future posts!

    Real Estate Investor in South Florida

  3. Our market is a bit different (Minneapolis.) Usually, the market picks up a couple of weeks after Labor Day and doesn’t drop off till about two weeks before Thanksgiving. But I suppose our leaves fall a little earlier than yours do!

  4. Buyers need to realize that this is a GREAT time to buy real estate in Central Florida. Orlando real estate includes so many homes selling below market value. BUY NOT or you will PAY LATER. Don’t wait. Loan rates are great, prices are low and mortgage money is plentiful. What are you waiting for?

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