Women Make Decisions Regarding Home Purchase…

August 30, 2007

by Linda Hutchinson

The National Association of Realtors has finally validated what I have been saying for over 17 years. Woman do make the decisions when it comes down to buying a home. Don’t get me wrong…they like suggestions or comments but what women are really looking for is validation to what they know is true…they want to buy a specific house. To any husband/partner/whatever who is reading this…just say yes. If your wife asks if you like the house (when you know she loves it) go with the flow. Whether corporate executive or valued housewife, the home remains the one place a woman knows what she likes. It’s just that simple.


One comment

  1. Agreed. Of course, not EVERYONE has the same experience, but I’m sure the majority of the time this is true. I found the last point particularly funny:

    “Spousal approval goes one way. If she likes it, chances are he’ll like it, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true.”

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